You could try a dremel tool with a nylon brush attachment. Clix aren't "painted", per se. You will be able to scrape the paint off after only 3-4 hours, but it will be much easier after 24 hours. Note that many models may still have primer or hard to reach gunk on a model if there is lots of detail work and/or the primer used is very resilient. Soak the models in a tub or bowl that you dont care about. The Stripping Materials Compendium. afterwards with paper towels. However, … Stainless steel is best, but abraisive. I typically use acetone or W&N brush cleaner, depending on how much more work is needed. Works great for plastics though. It also works on paint that's been on for several years (the author successfully removed 10-year old Testors from a metal miniature with a 2-day Pine-Sol soak). Never had a problem with changing any properties of metal other than staining it a bit, just made some epoxy glues brittle. Brake fluid is good. Hell, as long as you don't stick your hands directly into your eyes while working with the mini you don't need gloves or anything. The posting is usually from an individual wanting to know which solvent is best, or what solvents can be used for stripping paint from metal, plastic, or resin miniatures. Simple Green is good because its virtually foolproof. You'll get black fingers and palms before you know it. just simple green and … Any reasonably sized container would do. Article from I would try using Pine-Sol, that stuff goes through anything. I'll have to look for this totally awesome stuff. Explore.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Plastic Container to hold miniatures. It took off both the acrylic and enamel paint that was on my 1/700 Oliver Hazard Perry. My go to solvents when the job is a tough one are Easy Off oven cleaner extra strength in the yellow can. Completely submerge you models in the cleaner for about 24 hours. Once done, place model aside and let dry a bit. All members in good standing are free to post here. Because of the abuse my brushes have gone through, they can no longer be used for precision work. I think I found some at Home Depot or Lowe's It's a spray can and you MUST MUST MUST use gloves and follow all of the instructions. Keep in mind my standards of painting are different from others, but I do my damnest to make sure that my miniatures get a good scrubbing before I get to work. They're coated in thin colored layers of PVC, the same stuff they're made of. I'm out of Purple Power, anyway, so maybe that's worth a shot. I typically use acetone or W&N brush cleaner, depending on how much more work is needed. Painting Techniques. × The Crypt Wraith is one of the first miniatures I painted. With the brush, go over with moderate force over painted areas. Gotta use the concentrated version, full-strength, for easy jobs if I have plenty of time. I could really use some help! Did you check the pinned topic in this forum? Then take a toothbrush to scrub the old primer off. How to Strip With Simple Green: WarOne Style! Now I strip in massive quantities. Copyright © Reaper Miniatures Art. The minis were soaked in Simple Green for several days and I managed to get off al of the paint but I'm a little worried because when I gently stroke my fingernail across the plastic I remove some of the primer which leaves a bit of a unwanted pattern on the surface. I'm having some trouble stripping off the primer that I used on my miniatures. For plastic miniatures, Pine Sol in a 50-50 solution with water, else isopropyl alcohol is your best bet. I filled them with Simple Green and dropped in these two guys. Simple Green won't work on clix. Soak for 24 Hours. AND simple green is about the only thing mentioned here that is completly non toxic and ecco friendly. War World Gaming Green Stuff Small Sculpting Kit – Wargame Sculpt Tools Kneadatite Strip Miniatures Figures Fixer Modelling Arts Crafts Model File Durable 4.4 out of 5 stars 321 $12.99 $ 12 .   Your previous content has been restored. I really appreciate your thoughts!! Totally Awesome (which is cheaper). Of course, dry the models after rinsing. - Phill says via comment: "North America also has a product called "Dawn Power Dissolver," available for about $2.00 in most Walmarts. Worst case scenario, you have to remove the model's arms, legs, or base to reach areas the brush is too big to get to. Modern enamels and urethanes are different beasts. Never really have good luck with Simple Green (then again, I also can't stand the smell of it either......). So do it while it is wet.   You cannot paste images directly. I have a R.159 Tri-ang Double Ended Diesel that I imported and the model is in Horrible cosmetic condition paint wise (Its been re-painted by the previous owner and its missing three components, the fuel tank and the front bogie and rear pilots as well) a its been re-painted light blue … Simple green is a natural cleaner that won’t hurt plastic or metal. "Simple green stripping vs tamiya spray cans?" To strip paint from metal figures, I prefer to use acetone or Pine-Sol. Brake fluid never worked on anything I tried - craft paints, hobby acrylics, just didn't work and I gagged from the smell. Soak it. Take Simple Green, place a generous amount in container; enough so when you put in your models it won't overflow when you put them in and/or put your hand it to get them. Paste as plain text instead, × (Not the fume free kind in the blue can, doesn't work.) Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. I had used simple green in the past, but I found that it leaves some kind of residue on the metal. Start by using one of the metal bristle brushes. Now I use Goof Off original. There are lots of techniques for stripping acrylic paint from metal, but most require some patience and a little bit of elbow grease.The basic method is to soak your miniatures in one of the paint removing mediums listed below for 6-12 hours and then use a soft brush to remove the softened paint. Back in my day we thought "fantastic" was pretty good. The best you can do is strip off any excess paint, sand down with fine sandpaper, and clean off surface while applying a new coat of primer. Just don't use Super Clean in the Purple jug (formerly Castrol Super Clean) on metal. Scale Auto is the leading authority for car modelers. This will not remove the majority of the paint for plastic. By When scrubbing, be very careful as the bristles can stab you and leave a pinprick of blood behind at worst if it penetrates deep enough. You can post now and register later. Acetone is cheap, but smelly and melts some kinds of plastic. Place models on newsprint. If your models are resin, alway wear protective headgear. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paintings. It's good because they can now reach in different directions and help scrape off paint by coming in at a different angle even if I use the same stroking motions with my hand. Hold models either with gloves or very delicately (using a thumb and index finger only works). Simple Green as paint stripper « on: January 28, 2010, 11:16:07 PM » I've heard great things about using simple green to strip paint, but when I tried it on a batch of lizardmen I bought from a friend near the end of December/start of January, and left them in for a few hours, it didn't strip the paint. If you only need to strip a few at a time, place them in only a couple at a time. I find it either in the automotive paint section at Wally-world or at a good auto parts supply store. It's best to use for aggressive cleaning of a model with fine details and bits of stubborn paint in little crevaces the bristles can reach. Upload or insert images from URL. But if your impatient, a day is all that is really needed. Powered by Invision Community. Rinsing the models in the sink may dislodge very loose paint particles (acting as a light brush), and help to remove the grime from paint left over from the brushes as the brushes get dirty. The hobby knife is your friend if you prefer precision detail as the sharp end can help scour away flecks and bits of primer and paint that the thicker bristle brushes cannot reach. I concur that W&N Brush Cleaner is awesome. If you only need to strip a few at a time, place them in only a couple at a time. I've had over 50 models in a big mixing bowl with a large hard covered book keeping in the moisture. Any non-primer paint may dissolve utterly in the green soup after a long enough period, leaving just primer and tougher paints. Now for timespans, a day is usually a good time period to soak a … It'll eat it + do some funky reactions on yah. This can get tedious if you have multiple models to clean and the paint/simple green on the bristle brushes tints your models. To actually Strip Paint off Miniatures wait about 20-40 minutes, pop on some gloves, ensure your ventilation is good and/or if necessary, put on your ventilation mask. Display as a link instead, × Just remember to wear gloves and use proper ventilation. Further, metal bristles are thin and pointy. When you finally get to stripping, take out only a few models at a time. I've used all kinds of paint stripping methods (dettol/simple green etc), and hands down, use Methylated Spirits. Clean up afterwards. It is less toxic than this brush cleaner you describe, safe to use on plastic, and very effective at stripping paint." If they've been primed for that long, Ana, I don't think good ol' Simple Green alone will do the trick. The Stripping Materials Compendium. Simply replace the Simply Green with a like product. Still haven't tried it on Tamiya acrylic, but now I'm armed with everything needed to strip unwanted paint off my models. Newspaper for catching flakes of paint, globs of paint, specks of paint. Still, I'll have to find the Clean-Strip stuff and give that a whirl. Eats right through acrylic paint, though. Depending on frugality, you can empty some of the Simple Green back in a contain to reuse later. Long Term Note On Metal Bristle Brushes And Safety. An old pickle jar works well, if cleaned out well. I now realize that was not the best idea so I have stripped them all down to start clean and fresh...all excect a few problem children. Alternatives to Simple Green exist, such as L.A. Stripped 50+ dragons and 200+ smaller minis with it, no problem. Strip em the next day, this stuff even softens hardened's really strong. If not, Purple Power (engine degreaser, equivalent to Castrol Super Clean) is a force of nature. Try different directions, turning the model around so that you can reach different areas. Painting Tips .. Areas of Interest General. Now I strip in massive quantities. I think Testor's is enamel-based primer. That being said; once I discovered simple green, I found that patience and high concentrations of it did wonders most of the time. Next, take the plastic bristle brush and apply more force than the prior brush. Final word on timespans in Simple Green- I've found that the longer the model sits in Simple Green, the looser the paint gets. Kitchen Gloves (if you don't want to get dirty). The bases can actually go soft on you. Also, if you fear getting dirty hands, wear gloves. Mar 7, 2019 - Strip Paint off Miniatures - I can say hands down this is the best product you can use to Strip Paint off Miniatures by a clear margin. Paint Stripping: Forget Simplegreen on Plastic minis. Great how-to content and kit reviews help builders of all skill levels to improve their 1/16, 1/24, 1/25, and small-scale models. Once dry, take the kitchen brush and stiffly but not strongly brush the models the clear away any remnants of paint left on the model. Back to the Painting Message Board. Must be some differences in metals and paints used on them. so here’s the list that’ll help you along the way: Wow, I have had the 100% exact opposite experiences. Soak the minis overnight in a tupperware with the concentrated Totally Awesome. Given the results on my unstripped B-Wing: compared to my striped one, especially around the cockpit, engine area, I decided to at least strip the black wash on all my models. Or, you could use a toothbrush along with soap and water. My go to stripper for metal is Clean-Strip Aircraft paint remover. If there are bits of paint in hard to reach areas, carefully extract with a hobby knife, flicking it and using the dull edge so as not to ruin the model. You can also run the model under a faucet and clean it. The responses generally include acetone, caustic lye-based solutions, Pine-Sol, paint thinners, Simple Green, and sometimes even automotive brake fluid. Whole Model. How to Strip Paint off Miniatures (The Cheap & … Next day use gloves and long sleeves along with eye protection and a mask and scrub the minis with an old toothbrush. If Simple Green dries off the models, it may become harder for you to strip the paint. × Also, I use it full strength, so that may have something to do with why it works so well for me. Paper towel drying can remove the thin film of paint and simple green on the model. Rarely, something will snap off rather than at a glued joint. Place in miniatures.