Journal Publications Inc. 2006. HighBeam Research. Independent Print Ltd. 1996. Studying Latin academically and professionally benefits students. This is widely considered a disadvantage. 3) Latin helps students with their study of English literature. Kathy Sheppard has a B.A. The study of any foreign language, even Latin, helps you to see that your way of expressing yourself in your native language is not the only way. Furthermore, it differentiates you one hour session online to a full academic year of face to face lessons, all it takes is five minutes for us The Roman, says R. W. Livingstone, “disciplined his thought as he disciplined himself; his words are drilled as rigidly as were his legions, and march with the same regularity and precision.” Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctly Christian Education. HighBeam Research. This is just one of the few ways that Latin gives the mind a workout. The Classical Tradition: Greek and Roman Influences of Western Literature. who follow the traditional route and end up in academia or the education sector. Petimus is in the present tense and has the ending “-mus.” From that, we know that the subject is “we.” Auxilium means “help” and is a second-declension neuter noun, which means that it could be either the nominative subject or the accusative direct-object singular. difficulty, admissions tutors are impressed by a Latin qualification. Not only does Latin provide the root words for all of the modern sciences (Reason 3), but Latin is the language of law, politics, logic, and theology. People tend to underestimate the importance of the Latin language because it isn't a spoken language, but that doesn't mean there aren't considerable other benefits that can be derived from the study of Latin. Not only does the knowledge of Latin help students with their reading comprehension, but it also acclimates them to vocabulary, sentence structure and content used by authors of classic works. Wilson, Douglas. funny. The question is often posed about the use of Latin. Posted by Kathy Sheppard on These studies yield important pedagogical implications: (1) Educational administrators and curriculum specialists should consider the significance of Latin in improving language skills; (2) The language profession should assume the responsibility of disseminating information about this research; and (3) Responsible educators should combat the tendency to ignore research data for budgetary or other … This article examines the linguistic benefits of Latin in light of recent research which seems to document the relevance of Latin in building English vocabulary and reading skills. Fifty native German speakers who took a university Spanish course concluded their course with a translation test. independent schools, it is often a requirement for Common Entrance exams and is offered at GCSE and After all, it’s cooler to have a degree in woman’s studies – or at least some type of diploma that can land a person a decent paying job. However, if you dig a little deeper, you may find that discovering Latin is more than literary archaeology. It can be a real selling point. We have hundreds of tutors available right now to help you improve and succeed. Finally, a Dante, Milton, Swift, Tolkien, Lewis et alii studied Latin very vigorously and their writings reflect that in word choice, sentence structure and content. The Ancient Language Institute offers the fastest Latin language learning program in the world. From a HighBeam Research. However, there are several lesser-known benefits of Latin. She studied in Rome in 2003 as part of the American Academy of Rome's Classical summer school. Simply put, Latin exercises a person’s brain and trains the brain to be detail-oriented. Despite the slightly evangelical tone I hope that these few thoughts on the study of Latin are useful in Many would answer that question with a yes. And because Latin was the world language before the rise of English, this is true throughout the entirety of Europe much of Latin America. It helps you to see another worldview. This sells Latin programs. It becomes She lives in Virginia with her husband, Dave, her two daughters, Annie and Elizabeth, and her son, Robert. progression associated with the subject. Highet, Gilbert. extremely well represented in the Civil Service. Latin not only increases linguistic awareness and helps the understanding and usage of one’s own language. Latin is the language of law, government, logic, and theology. A Classics degree can Students, writers, researchers, lawyers and other professionals can benefit from a study of the Latin language, since most words were culled from Latin meanings. MGN Ltd. 2008. For one thing, Latin is a deeply logical language, it suits people with a mathematical mindset as much "Classical approach.” Central Penn Business Journal. Wilmington, DE: ISI Books, 2002. After students learn the roots of words, they then can see the Latin influence in the English words. like Caesar and Nero. Benefits & Scholarships | Lead with Languages "Latin lessons demanded for all seven-year-olds.” The Independent (London, England). Journal Publications Inc. 2006. The History of the Latin Language. The study of the Classical World comes with a certain stereotype attached, an ancient teacher in a thick However, there are several lesser-known benefits of Latin. The authors studied whether Latin or French as a foreign curricular language is a better preparation for learning Spanish. Of course, they are then also a good number of Classicists Latin is often associated with the study of classical literature and ancient history. A thorough knowledge of Latin gleans many gifts for students. All students can benefit from a study of the Latin language. 19 Feb. 2011 . Big Ideas: Truth, Beauty, Goodness and more! However, research does … New York: Oxford University Press, 1985. fascination with History in students that can take them in all kinds of interesting directions. love with Virgil’s stirring verses, or even discovered that after two thousand years Ovid is still According to research conducted by Julia Morales of Spain’s Granada University, children who learn a second language are able to recall memories better than monolinguals, or … are highly successful in the field of Law. The Ancient Language Institute treats Latin like what it actually is … the academic benefits but parents and students often ask, if I study Latin at A Level, or even Classics However, I'm worried that if I take some language classes in either one of these languages I'll lose my Mandarin skills and won't ever make it to the level where I'd like to be one day. 2) Latin helps students become better spellers. She taught Latin at Spotsylvania High School in Virginia for nine years and has taught home-schooled students since 2004. 1) Latin helps with mental acuity. in Latin from the College of William and Mary and a M.Ed. Many Classicists opt for a law conversion course and When this point on Latin is raised pejoratively, I like to ask: “What language did you take in high school or college?” After stating a living language, I ask, “Could you manage a conversation with someone in this l… to take down your information. Moreover, jargon, a lot of which is Latin derived. The benefits of Latin language study. This means that a good knowledge of Latin makes the study of Spanish and French much easier for example, it gives students a head-start with their vocabulary and makes the grammar and structure of these languages much more comprehensible.It also helps immensely with English. Latin no longer has any native speakers. There is evidence to support that the study of Latin has several benefits, including increased English vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. Along with the knock-on benefits for other subjects, the study of Latin is deeply rewarding in itself. Judith Judd, Education Editor. 19 Feb. 2011 . subjects. 1) Latin helps with mental acuity. passage of prose in Latin it is a breeze to apply those same skills to a text in English. It is useful for History and Modern Languages in particular, and many Seen by many as a ‘dead’ language, it would be easy to dismiss it as irrelevant in the modern business world. As a native German speaker who knows English and Latin I think both Spanish and French would be kind of easy for me to learn, especially compared to Mandarin. A profile of SAT scores was completed recently which shows Latin students as compared to those learning French, Spanish, German, and Hebrew. Learning Latin in high school automatically gives you a leg up on your verbal SAT. Many scholars believe it also hones the mental faculties, cultivating careful analysis and attention. Learning Latin is also particularly beneficial for people who intend to study law, given the … Students not only see the strength of Cicero’s figures of speech such as anaphora and alliteration, but they also see his use of praeteritio (pretended omission for rhetorical effect—you can see an example in my opening paragraph). languages much more comprehensible. We know that Latin increases a student’s vocabulary exponentially and consequently augments reading comprehension. It is easy to point out the interrelatedness of knowledge when Latin is so vital to the study of the vocabulary of all subjects. Latin A-level Students not only must translate a verb in the correct person, number, tense and mood, … job markets. Personally: * It has made my vocabulary enormous and my ability to comprehend new words and information more easily. 5) The study of Latin decreases the effort needed in other subjects by 50 percent. It is the key to vocabulary and structure of all the Romance languages and to the structure of all the Teutonic languages, as well as to the technical vocabulary of all the sciences and to the literature of the Mediterranean civilization, together with all its historical documents. Through Latin, test takers can guess at the meanings of new words because they already know the roots and prefixes. Students not only must translate a verb in the correct person, number, tense and mood, but they also must translate the word in the correct context. Based on this, we know that the basic sentence is going to be translated as “We ____ help.” It would not be good to attack help, so the best translation would be, “We seek help.” Not only do we need to understand the sentence syntactically, but we also need to figure out what makes the most sense in English. great options for university and afterwards. Educational Virtue: The study of Latin is an ongoing practice in linguistic puzzle-solving that generally helps students to become close and thoughtful readers and writers. Latin AS-level Studying Classics at university can offer many interesting career paths as well. Comment by Steve Perkins on Apr. As an intellectual exercise it can be challenging but also greatly stimulating for The same is true for definite. Feed Your Brain. it gives students a head-start with their vocabulary and makes the grammar and structure of these from other candidates and provides you with something to talk about in interviews and applications, Latin. Likewise, once a student studies the patterns of Latin spelling, he/she gains fortitude in those 90 percent of words with more than two syllables. good Latin knowledge builds English vocabulary skills, which is beneficial in every subject. Latin originated with the Romans, and their character pervades the language they created. Learning a dead language might not be as useless as it sounds US ... People just don't know Latin any more. 19 Feb. 2011 <, Olenchek, Christina. subjects. This stereotype is of course not entirely fair, many Latin teachers are highly the study of Latin, especially at GCSE and A-Level, builds analytical skills; if you can analyse a HighBeam Research. Separate comes from the Latin word pars meaning “part.” When a student learns the word’s derivation, it is unlikely he/she will misspell the word with “per” in the middle. HighBeam Research. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills. Shakespeare having read Ovid, or Moliere in French class having read Plautus. There are a high number of Classicists who end up working in finance, Classics is also great fondness the first time they came across the delicate and moving love elegies of Catullus, fell in Visit her website HighBeam Research. 4) Latin helps students become great speakers. particularly useful when studying subjects such as Biology or Economics, which contain a fair amount of 19 Feb. 2011 . This wonderful canon of literature is enjoyable in itself as well as greatly aiding in other Most programs and methods treat Latin like a museum artifact, fit to be handled only by white-gloved experts. A-Level. The many cognitive benefits of learning languages are undeniable. I hope this article has served to point out some of employable of all. In tutoring Challenge and Essentials, I have found this to be very true. Two words that come to mind are separate and definite. I think I know you. The Latin students surpassed the test scores of every other group. I say this, not because Latin is traditional and medieval, but simply because even a rudimentary knowledge of Latin cuts down the labor and pains of learning almost any other subject by at least 50 percent. First you identify the component parts and then you work out how they fit from George Mason University as a reading specialist. But away from the Vatican, the benefits of learning Latin are manifold. Like me, you are convinced the... Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost... © 2020 Classical Conversations | All Rights Reserved |, "School spreads the word on Latin class; Schools report Ancient language proves a smash hit. charismatic and teach great lessons, although you will still have to know ‘amo, amas, amat…’ Latin applicable to English, especially as English grammar is taught less and less in the classroom. together. as those with a natural flair for languages. This is one of the strongest reasons to include Latin in a classical education. Learn Latin To Master English. Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1991. to be introduced to a world of gladiators and legionaries, to discover Roman Britain and great figures "Classical approach.” Central Penn Business Journal. Translating a Latin sentence can be compared to breaking a Latin students have a huge advantage in learning other inflected languages, such as Russian or German. science departments are wise to the benefits it provides. Please contact your local Director to Apply, Classical Conversations Plus (College Credit), Homeschooling is a great way to fight the coronavirus, ‘New World Echoes’ wins kids’ short story prize, CC parents can now earn a master’s degree while homeschooling, Things Not to Do with Your Firstborn When Starting Foundations, Getting It All Done: Ten Tips from a Classical Conversations Veteran, Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). at university, where does that lead me? It also facilitates the study of the Romance languages. Registered In England And Wales Learning Latin can also help improve a person's English composition, particularly prose; meanings of new words are easily known because the individual studying Latin gets to know the Latin origins of the words. What an advantage to study Paradise Lost in English class if you have already read Virgil, or Latin is the key to academic vocabulary and grammar whether it is logic, biology, or English grammar. Latin also provides a fantastic introduction to the Classical World. Top Tips for Learning Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin. in schools is less common than it was but it still plays in important role in the curriculum for many If you use this website without adjusting your browser settings, you agree to the use of cookies. The study of Latin is rewarding for its own sake but it does provide extensive benefits for other Increase Standardized Test Scores – A student’s verbal, analytic, and problem solving scores all increase after studying Latin. Simmons, Tracy Lee. Independent Print Ltd. 1996. Why Learn Latin? For 30, 2015 at 5:24 pm As a Latin teacher for 24 years at the middle school, high school, community college, and university levels, I could not agree more and applaud your eulogy of Latin and liberal arts education. It comes from the root finis meaning “end.” The study of Latin helps students sort and spell words based on their roots rather than memorizing isolated words. Law in that it points towards a particular career, it makes you an appealing candidate to many different My favorite quote from Dorothy Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning” essay is this: I will say at once, quite firmly, that the best grounding for education is the Latin grammar. “Vocabulary and grammar of the English language can be mightily improved through the study of Latin,” reported Kathy Lindsey, Associate Director of Admissions, Middlebury College. Simply put, Latin exercises a person’s brain and trains the brain to be detail-oriented. favourably on a Latin A Level. particularly if you are not applying for a Classics-related course. Make and use flash cards. Flash cards are an excellent way to learn vocabulary words in any language. She also has taught online classes to parents and students since 2008 and has been a Classical Conversations Challenge Program director in Fredericksburg since 2006. of bemused students. VAT Number: 214403063. ... the study of Latin and Greek is not just a matter of battling the gerundive. 19 Feb. 2011 <. Studying Latin, the quintessential language of oratory, affects positively the way we create discourse in English and helps us to express ourselves with more effectiveness and confidence.