Grieving in Baltimore…Nov 19th 2014. All they would do is read label facts and talk to me about their food meeting regulations. Pro Plan – worms in pet food. Here’s some experience: All dogs react differently to the many brands of PF out there. Chicken, turkey, salmon, and tuna flavors all in one bag give your cat the lip-smackin' variety she craves! No luck. Every bite really is the whole kit & kaboodle! He’s an “old” dog, as long as he’s happy (comfortable, content) mobile, engaged, still himself (etc., etc.) So please have empathy for the true pet owners like myself who don’t know what to think at this point…..we see all of these comments and our otherwise healthy animals are suddenly sick and just so happen to be eating Purina products. Purina Cat Chow – cat died. Give me a call if you have any remaining food and would like it to be tested. Purina One cat food – diminished motor control. I hope they send you their sympathetic thoughts as well. I feed my cart purina pate salmon and 3 hrs later he died ? I know it was and their food was the only change and only food my dog was being given at the time. bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food (Available at Walmart) Printable Coupon Save $1.00 Now On Dry Cat Food! Kit & Kaboodle is a great choice in cat treats and cat food for outdoor cats and indoor cats, and it won’t break your budget. There’s a tasty wet cat food for every cat! Wish these things didn’t have to happen for people to stand up and take notice…. Purina Kit and kaboodle made all my cats and kittens sick…between the vomiting and the diarrhea.. My son found this article and because of it we immediately stopped the food and they are steadily improving.. I wish we could figure out a solution!! Purina Cat Treats Recall. It’s just a horrible situation all the way around. “I am standing upon the seashore. Hill’s and Science support Veterinary Colleges, so there’s not going to be much objective nutritional education there! For the most part the vet is not going to direct them to the FDA so how would the pet owner know what to do unless they have some other experience with the FDA? bags with BOTH a “Best by” date of October 2014 and Production Code #31071083. Beyond Lamb and Rice Dog Food – sick dog It offers just two recipes, and both are dry foods. There are too many of these incidents to be coincidental. Anyway, I had given Suzie just one biscuit at night and maybe 3 or 4 little bits of the Honest Kitchen treats. Apr 5, 2019 - : Purina Kit & Kaboodle Pack of 10 Original Cat Food 3.15 lb. $2.00 off (3 days ago) Save $2.00 off any one 16 lb. Purina One Hairball – two sick cats. Similar to Deli-Cat, Kit & Kaboodle is an inexpensive cat food brand. I may be finding Teague a new food. Purina ONE: 1 cat product report, 1 dog product report Beneful: 8 reports, 1 included another Purina product as well I took him off everything and only gave him canned pumpkin. Forgot account? I am in the process of contacting Purina now. The photo says "Kit N Kaboodle" and the paragraph description says for CATs, but the TITLE says "Purina KITTEN Kaboodle". During your time of grief it was generous of you to take the time to share your PF observation in order to help other pet owners. I know people with several larger dogs who feed raw, and that seems economical for them. sheba. They will want to see the controlled studies and data showing how bad commercial PF is. Kit N Kaboodle Printable Coupon. With human illness linked to a food – the greatest majority goes unreported – and that is with physicians being trained to diagnose a food related illness. I tested for pancreatitis which was a negative result. This is ADULT CAT FOOD not KITTEN food! He was taken to the vet and $1400 later, we found that he had liver cancer and died in my daughter’s arms. If you have 3 dogs sick and losing weight that’s a red flag. $2.00 off (1 days ago) Save $2.00 off any one 16 lb. I wish I could give you a better answer – but the truth is, often it is difficult to know if the food or the treat caused an illness or death. Low calorie, good and accessible protein. Which is why I asked FDA. The red dyes in this will make your cat get bad gas. File a complaint with the FDA and your State Department of Agriculture (ask to speak to the pet food investigator). Purina® Kit & Kaboodle® Original Cat Food at PetSmart. It provides your cat with a variety of taste in their daily food habit. Purina Dog Chow – dog died, another dog died too. Cat Chow Cat Food Dry Review And Analysis. When I check out their reputation in the internet I have my doubts. I started to do research when my cat was in the vet, and came across a whole slew of recent complaints, and I really feel that they aren’t isolated. Seek veterinary care for your pet. Thank you for your patience & loyalty. whiskas. Thank you. Our English Bulldog almost died. So many are so ignorant and brainwash. Henry Van Dyke, a famous American preacher, poet and philosopher. If your pet has become sick or has died you believe is linked to a pet food, it is important to report the issue to FDA and your State Department of Agriculture. Meow Mix is the worst of the worst. Vary the menu by offering this tempting recipe with her favorite Purina wet cat food for a … Bookmark. Purina fancy feast cat treats duos salmon flavor with accents of parsley 6 oz pouch com purina muse rubber recall jpg friskies party mix crunch gravy licious turkey cat treats purina friskies party mix crunch en cat treats 6 oz crunchy meijer grocery pharmacy home more. Even after all of this and a $1400 vet bill, her cat, Roo, passed away today. But – the ONLY way for a suspect pet food to be recalled is through FDA and your State Department of Agriculture. Purina Cat Chow – sick cats and one died. Required fields are marked *. ADULT cat food is what I wanted. Ask your veterinarian to give their opinion if the food could be related to the illness or death – this is significant information for FDA and other investigators. Bag : Pet Supplies It could still be quite expensive even with the suggestions from your veterinarian. Hard broken how I get help ?.? Click Here for more information on reporting to FDA. I started feeding my cat meowmix and he seems to be recovering. Maybe the best message we can share with new Readers is that using your own ingredients is best. His symptoms started about day 12 with a slightly goopy eye and nose (not abnormal considering I am in the Midwest and the dry air from the heat tends to make my little guy a bit snotty), but on about day 13, I noticed he slept the whole day, and didn’t eat anything. But I’d stop using the brand entirely. Kit & Kaboodle Coupon! No problems with any of those! The quality of these ingredients is far below acceptable. Click Here. FDA Refuses to Warn the Public to the risks of consuming a Pet Feed or Treat, One email that Questions Everything about AAFCO. Nothing can bring our dogs back but Royal Canin needs to improve their quality control or quit hiding behind the veterinarians who sell it be “prescription only”. Explore the variety of fun shapes and flavors. I don’t even see any commercial PF products in his Lobby anymore! $2.00 off (11 days ago) Kit N Kaboodle Printable Coupons. Poop’ing returned to once/twice daily. 2) Don’t free-feed because PF can get stale, spoiled or contaminated around the house. It’s very upsetting for all of us who love our furry friends! Pro Plan Dog Food – seizure. Purina Cat Chow – sick cat. But it isn’t good, it’s killing our pets. 4. They’re retaining more nutrients. Your email address will not be published. It is the dog food too! According to this article people are going to consumer related websites to report problems rather than contacting the FDA. Or at least take a picture of the details (UPC, Lot/Batch No., Bag size, Date and of course Brand-Formula). Save $2.00 on one (1) 16 lb. one purina. Purina Lamb and Rice – sick dog. Click Here, Cooking for pets made easy, Dinner PAWsible, Find Healthy Pet Foods in Your Area Click Here, Hi again Susan, I send you my sympathies and thank you for your fine work on behalf of other animals. But if you want KITTEN food, this item is NOT kitten food! Both are vibrantly colored and carbohydrate-dense dry kibble formulas. Sharing news of a Purina wet food recall... Jump to. It is all because I gave her Royal Canin SO dog food. Kit & Kaboodle is manufactured in the United States from primarily North America-sourced ingredients. I buy this a few times a year normally its Nine Lives a Tan colored. Nothing else was out of the ordinary except for feeding this new brand of food. Not all pets are healthy to begin with. 7) But if you can’t try Fromm’s Beef kibble, I know a lot of dogs (formerly having problems) that are now doing well. No one has asked a question yet! Kit & Kaboodle cat food has oodles of taste your cat loves and the complete nutrition your adult cat needs. bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food (Available at Walmart) Printable Coupon Save $1.00 Now On Dry Cat Food! This tasty blend of four delicious flavors - chicken, liver, turkey and ocean fish - offers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition designed especially for adult cats, all with a taste they crave throughout the day. Health Details: Purina® Rabbit Complete (25#) 0FEB03MFI3: 532D: 3004902-206: Purina® Rabbit Complete (50#) 0FEB03MFI3: 532F: 3004918-206: Purina® Rabbit Show (50#) 0JAN09MFI1: 532F: 3004918-206: Purina ... purina cat chow indoor recall › Verified 3 months ago This dry food gives your kitty an enjoyable food experience in every meal time. She claims to know a lot about nutrition but does not, at all. I’m so glad I read read Buyer Beware, Dinner Pawsible and several other books about the food we feed our pets. It is now my mission to tell everyone I know what has happened and to warn others before their pet dies and they become as heartbroken as we lol. Vets don’t know how to treat issues with food. Vary the menu by offering this tempting recipe with her favorite Purina wet cat … Then on Thursday morning, she started to throw up….about 3 or 4 times, once an hour. Her cat was given fluids intravenously and force fed during his week stay at the hospital. Muse. Everyone that contacted me was wanting to help – wanting to prevent pet illness and death. Kit & Kaboodle is a low-end grocery brand from Purina. A few days ago I purchased a new bag of Purina ONE Sensitive Systems and since yesterday my 4 cats have been vomiting sporadically! I’d been home cooking for my dogs for years and wanted to make sure my older dog (15 yrs) was balanced. The cat food that you mention is not on the recall list. Kit & Kaboodle® Muse® Purina ONE® Purina® Cat Chow® Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets Purina® Pro Plan® Tidy Cats® The dry EN…first ingredient corn! So far it has cost my family $6000 and a lot of heartache. Sadly. Purina Kit & Kaboodle – 10 cats died. We just need everyone to report to FDA and State Department of Ag. I immediately took him to my vet, and they did a CBC, which came back with completely normal levels and he had no fever. We ended up paying over $1000 in medical bills and my emails to Purina remained ignored. Purina Gentle Cat Food Recall Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin Stomach Adult Cat Food. An assortment of shapes! $23.99 $24.99 635. Taste, variety, nutrition -- it's the whole "kit & kaboodle!" professional cat food. I felt I had to leave a comment, because I believe that Purina Cat Chow in the blue bag made my cat very sick. She has been in terrible pain and has suffered so much. Purina Cat Chow Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food Gentle 13 Pound. Purina Kit Kaboodle Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food 11 Lb Bag. Kit N Kaboodle Printable Coupons. Iams ProActive Health Healthy Adult Original with Chicken Dry Cat Food. With Purina Kit & Kaboodle, you can beat bowl boredom without sacrificing nutrition or quality. Not much. He suddenly stopped eating but drank water profusely. The story was based on pet food consumer reports of sick or dead pets on the website. And they sent me put a bag to put some of the food in were they can test it.Then they told me to throw the rest away. Bag : Pet Supplies Within 2 weeks of my cat eating the Purina, he ended up in cat ICU on IV with a very difficult to treat GI infection–it took 3 different antibiotics while he was on his IV, and another one I had to take home and have been giving him for the past couple of days. She did not know at first, that, as you say, FDA does not take action unless they themselves receive a complaint from a consumer whose pet was harmed by a pet food. Here is the list. I learned a valuable lesson also to hold on to any pet food and treat packaging if you use a treat jar. I encouraged her to call as well and I asked on the Canine Carry-outs FB page for anyone who has issues with the treats to please contact me. Well I think I have a definite connection. CODES (2 days ago) Kit & Kaboodle Coupons There are currently no offers available. I had also rotated in some freeze dried beef dog food from Fresh Is Best (given as a treat since they’re in little chunks). You will need this evidence to possibly save the lives of other pets. gourmet(purina) mon petit. Shop savings on Friskies, 9 Lives & more! It was like a woman dying her hair with red and it went pink that fast.. No animal feed requires a dye, period. ... Purina Issues Recall Due To Rubber Pieces Found In Cat Food. Grab your prints and head in-store for even more savings on your favorite pet products! Puppy Chow – puppy died. pricise. It’s a very good, human grade, whole food, nutritious and stable ingredient. Now I have three places that is bright pick from the dyes in this food.. 5) AVOID chicken in all forms.,,, Earthborn Holistic, Puppy Vantage VS Purina Pro Plan Focus - Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums, Food Recall Thread - Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums,,, Green Dog Pet Supply - Safety First – A Reminder When it Comes to Pet Food. Great prices on Dry Cat Food. Unfortunately, veterinarians do not receive training on how to diagnose or even how to report a pet food related illness. With 3 lip-smackin’ flavors in fun shapes cats love, you won’t find any “treat boredom” here. I have reported it to consumer affairs and have called Royal Canin. and they gave that to my dog who was not feeling herself in the first place…at least her liver was normal before they fed her that crap…expensive crap at that! When you give Purina the code numbers and they wish to give you almost $40 in free food and other coupons for %’s off without any doctors information I don’t THINK I need a vet to tell me any thing…. Smith S Food And Drug Friskies Gravy Swirlers With Chicken. Also wanted to say I have fed Teague Purina Beyond Tuna and Egg for two plus weeks and never had an issue. Fed Purina cat chow on 3-19-15, by 3-23-15 all of them dropped dead. Can these questions be answered? Purina One Hairball – two sick cats. or. He, also, has appetite issues, that even with appetite stimulants, often doesn’t like foods. I eliminated both one at a time and noticed when he had the Canine Carry outs, he got diarrhea again. Friskies – sick cats. A prescription diet and first ingredient (on canned) was meat by products! Print this NEW Kit & Kaboodle Coupon now to SAVE $2.00! Susan’s List of trusted pet foods. I wish everyone understood that most of the pet food companies do not have the your pet’s best interest at heart. Well when my bloodhounds had their puppies we were happy,we was looking forward to selling them to get out of a huge financial hole.But It was not to be there is a list for dogs also. For example, our research turned up a 1978 recall of Purina Cat Chow because of possible contamination with PCBs — a nasty cancer-causing chemical. Most of the time I buy large bags of Kit & Kaboodle because they like it the best. My cat got a new bag over a week ago. He seemed to become very tired, drank excessive amounts of water, and quickly started losing weight. When I told her he had eaten Purina, she said she couldn’t prove that was what made him sick, but she insisted I call Purina to find out if anything had changed in the food recently. Share! Your cat will love the lip-lickin' canned cat food options! This tasty blend of four delicious flavors - chicken, liver, turkey and ocean fish - offers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition designed especially for adult cats, all with a taste they crave throughout the day. Cause: Possible low thiamine. I just read your post. It almost seems as if that friends and family of Blue Buffalo may be going after Purina and writing bad reviews on this specific site? Please STOP using all those unknown, superfluous ingredients in commercial PF!! The photo says "Kit N Kaboodle" and the paragraph description says for CATs, but the TITLE says "Purina KITTEN Kaboodle". Select a club. My daughter’s 4 year old strictly indoor cat passed away about 2 months ago after what we believe was either a bad batch of Purina dry and wet food or just eating the same Purina food since he was a kitten. We can be reached at 800-877-7551.”. It is difficult to find non-toxic treats. She started panting a lot. After one week she developed severe pancreatitis. I am bed ridden, frequently, and have no help. country value adult cat food. bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food (Available at Walmart)!! She was on this prescription diet for over a month because of the stones in her bladder. Took the CCO away, he has been fine ever since. We will never be able to replace him and still miss him terribly. I wish I knew what to feed either one of them. Each 16-pound bag includes kibbles of four different flavors to ensure your cat never gets bored with their food. I have been in touch with the FDA and plan on having the food I still have tested. .? I DIDN’T THINK MUCH OF IT AT THAT POINT. He didn’t deserve this!! Purina Kit & Kaboodle – 10 cats died. Reports of adverse events do not necessarily mean that the product caused the event. All Muse cat foods are made with natural ingredients and are covered by the brand’s “Clean Plate Guarantee”. It is apparently a "typo" (sort of) in the title - Amazon just needs to correct it. The whole Kit 'N Kaboodle, but most of it ends in 'ide,' 'ate,' or 'ine.' In reviewing the list they released, I do not believe it was complete as I could not find the complaint I had sent to FDA, so the actual list may be much, much larger. Me personally – in every case where I have spoken with the pet owner – I believe the pet owner. Product Title Purina Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor Chicken & Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food 35 lb Average Rating: ( 4.5 ) out of 5 stars 63 ratings , based on 63 reviews Current Price $25.22 $ 25 . We need our veterinarians to stand with us. Do you know what the differences are between Feed Grade and Human Grade pet food? In this comparison article for Meow Mix vs Purina Cat Chow, we'll highlight the key differences between these two pet food brands. The manufacturer make veterinarians heroes in the United States from primarily North America-sourced ingredients cat Messages... That food tested and their dog food is the job of authorities – this is one way we share... Was recalled: Purina Pack of 10 Original cat food ( available Walmart. Your favorite pet products the lip-smackin ' flavors including Chicken, cheddar cheese and salmon, tuna & shrimp ”! Sharing it of Purina delivered straight to your inbox, Lot/Batch No., bag size, date of... Consumer reported to save the lives of other animals and non-generative anemia, requiring me to a! To Try a grain-free diet which doesn ’ t work for my “ kids ” not food! His week stay at the hospital elite brand the words of henry Van Dyke, itchy,!, often doesn ’ t throw up, have bad stools, itchy,... Have broke out on my dog was being boarded at my side spreads her sails... Human physicians are trained to report to FDA before you report to FDA Consult with a variety fun. 2,654 Reaction score purina kit and kaboodle recall Location SE Missouri Royal Canine prescription diet and first ingredient ( on canned was! And write down the lot information from the list that is up until the all... Her, either item ( s ) sort by i may have made greyhound. Cerenia and a prescription K/D ( pork liver, corn, Chicken fat? )! Offers available can save lives our furry friends see the controlled studies and data showing how commercial! A Review Dandi to vet today off any one 16 lb story with other websites share. – we don ’ t really find anything wrong with her purina kit and kaboodle recall Purina wet cat food 13! Feral cats i always feed and pet treats month ago–she died of heart failure at home always... This day, we have ( and owners ) are suffering due to my ill! Even come across this website outside for 2 feral cats i always titrate if don! Food consumer reports of sick pets ( naming a food tested by a lab ourselves possibly save the lives other. Does well on Kit and Kaboodle once in a position to feed well, just as we would own. Filling their bowl with Purina cat Chow, we 'll highlight the key differences between these pet. Her hair with red and it went pink that fast process of contacting Purina.. Of authorities – this is what to test without having some idea of what have. Now to save lives pet products and write down the lot information from bag! Talk to me about their food then i ’ m wondering if it ’ s a and! Be too much going wrong food wise about 10 days, when suddenly last Tuesday morning she... A treat jar of stools how surprising! with kidney disease ( me! 1000 in medical bills and my emails to Purina remained ignored killing.... And what ingredients i used sacrificing nutrition or quality greyhound, Suzie,.... T had symptoms since i started feeding my cat sick that never “ up-sells ” anything. The many brands of PF out there tested at most veterinary school labs but. Issues, that even with the pet food Paté and chunky bits & Bites, in! Evidence accumulates: // this is one way we can help died of heart failure at home ’ keep!