Download this free PDF to get my list of the 10 easiest herbs to propagate from cuttings. It’s really easy to propagate mint from cuttings of the green parts–just cut sprigs and put them in water until roots form, then plant. This is perfectly normal for mint plants grown in pots, as they should be if you don’t want them to take over huge swathes of your borders, lawns and anywhere else they can reach. Use a large plastic plant pot (at least 15 inches deep) with the bottom cut out of it that enables the roots to grow downwards but not sideways. Water the compost and place a clear plastic bag (sandwich bags are ideal) upside down over the pot to help retain moisture. And its renowned taste and aroma are found in a myriad of products around the home from air fresheners to mouthwash. When I am "de-minting" some areas of my gardens, I take those clumps with good root systems attached and plant them straight into their new location. You can now choose to place the cutting into either water or compost. How to Save Tomato Seeds Cut the stem just below a node (where a leaf grows) on the plant. After separating the runners, I stuck them in a pot and was done. You can then add the required number of ice cubes to drinks (fantastic with Apple juice) or for adding to Gravies / mint sauce etc. Wait another 2 … The sprig does not need to have many leaves, and almost any sprig Mint is a herbaceous perennial which dies back in late Autumn but burst back into life in Spring. It will help to sooth your stomach and will aid in digestion. Herb gardening advice and tips with how to articles and photos, How to grow Rosemary - all you need to know about growing Rosemary. How to Save Pepper Seeds Mint likes a rich, soil that is fairly free draining although it does not like the soil to dry out. Because Mint is so easy to propagate from cuttings this is often the chosen method of obtaining more Mint plants. Propagating Houseplants with Runners by Layering. In my case, the journey began with my wife bringing home a bunch of uprooted mint plants. If growing from Sow seed thinly in 3 inch pots and cover with a 1/2 cm layer of fine compost. For seed modules or larger containers simply fill the container with compost, make a hole in the compost the depth of at least half the cutting length. Place the trimming in a glass of water, and wait about 1 week. Stick a few cuttings into a small pot with moist soil. Take the stem tip cuttings by making a cut at 3-4inches from the top. The ability to encroach into the space of other herbs and plants in the garden is normally overcome by either growing Mint in containers or by taking measures to prevent the spread of the roots. You may get your mint cuttings from store bought mint or by simply propagating mint from runners. You can alternatively put the cuttings into seed modules, 3 inch pots or directly into 7 inch or 12 inch pots which saves having to transplant again when the cuttings have taken root. I've had mint "invade" from haphazardly tossed clippings all over my flower beds. If you choose to root in a pot, go with something about 3-4 inches in diameter. Mint does not like to dry out so make sure to water regularly, especially if in terracotta pots which lose a lot of water through thepot walls. I am in the process of allowing it to "invade" a large banked area with not so great soil where only weeds grow. The vigorous nature of Mint makes it a relatively easy plant to grow. Transplant Seedlings - 15 Steps Harvest mint sprigs before the plant flowers. How to Make Herb Salt If growing from cuttings it is vital that you inspect the plant you propose to take the cuttings from before you do so. The bag will create a greenhouse environment for the mint stems and they will root much faster. The longer the stems remain in the water, the more roots they will produce. If you’re a heavy mint user, you will probably use up your mint leaves fairly quickly. Mint stems will also root in a glass of water. Before winter you can cut the stems back to a couple of inches above the soil. Newly developed stems have softwood. Creating more plants from cuttings, was the cheapest and easiest solution. It may be grown in a pot. Step 1 Take cuttings from the top growth of your mint plant, about 8cm in length. Some herbs are easier to propagate than others. Spearmint is a perennial that is hardy and will grow to a height of about 45-50cm. If you follow the steps carefully, I can guarantee that you will get 100% success. I find the best way of growing mint is to sink the plant in a large flower pot within the herb section of my garden and then every so often - during the summer about once a month - lift the pot so as to detach the root from the surrounding soil. Leave around an inch of the rim of the container above soil level. Of course, if you want a spreading ground cover, mints are a good choice. When your cutting is in pots you can help moisture retention by using an upturned clear plastic bag over the pot as described when planting from seed. When I decided to create a “mint garden” under the maple tree, I realized that this garden would be quite pricey to fill with nursery-bought plants. However, I have a couple tricks for growing it directly in the garden too. Strawberry Jam Propagating houseplants with runners produces a replica of the parent plant, so a healthy parent is absolutely necessary. Then bring your mint stems into the house and place them in a glass of water, to stay fresh. Do you grow mint? Microgreens vs. Sprouts Remove the lower leaves and cut the stem just below the leaf node (the point on the stem where leaves emerge). You could also use brick / pot / stones to form mini barrier walls under the soil between the mint and the next herb in your herb garden. If grown in a garden bed, mint will send out runners and eventually take over everything, but in a pot they can be an easy way to propagate new plants. Mint is difficult to grow from seed, and it is virtually impossible for some varieties, like peppermint. How to Save Ground Cherry Seeds Root spider plant babies in soil while still attached to the mother plant. Moroccan Mint -the Moroccan variety is well known for its use in making great tasting tea. Seed Germination Test So this post is about how to grow mint from cuttings. Peppermint is easy to propagate by stem layering. Bouquet Garni Recipe